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The group of 3R AMI products is designed for an automatic identification, sorting, or an incoming/outgoing inspection of products or of their material properties. Advantages: fast, non-destructive, highly sensitive and reliable, unlimited number of sorting groups, easy and user-friendly operation...
The 3R AMI system is designed for an automatic identification, sorting, or an incoming/outgoing inspection of products or of their material properties.


Quickness - measuring usually takes less than 1 second; even shorter measuring time is possible.

Non-destructiveness - Thanks to 3R AMI a 100 percent incoming and outgoing inspection of material type can be performed also in situations where it had not been possible or where it had been too expensive.

Sensitivity and reliability - The usage of a multi-frequency eddy-current measuring method together with special mathematical models and highly efficient algorithms ensures high sensitivity and reliability.

Simplicity and user-friendliness - Simplicity was one of the important aspects which were taken into account during the development of the 3R AMI software. Among its key features are unlimited number of groups and their automatic setting. The aim is to achieve reliable results even with a small number of calibration samples and without the need of a previous training or any special sample preparation. This all should be fast and non-destructive.

Principle - a multi-frequency eddy-current measuring method is used for data acquisition. The method is suitable with all electrically conductive and/or magnetic materials. The collected measured data are automatically processed with integrated mathematical models and algorithms.

Hardware - the 3R AMI system was developed by 3R Technics specifically for the eddy current device MAGNATEST® D from the Foerster Company . The software enables an automatic material identification.

Applications - Both static and dynamic measurements are possible. The tested material can be of various shapes: from plates and strips of sheet metal through wires, rods and pipes to various profiles and parts.


3R AMI T is software independent of data acquisition means. It uses the same mathematical models and algorithms as the 3R AMI software with the difference that the calibration and testing data are obtained from text files, not from a measuring hardware. The results are saved in text files as well.. Different data inputs/outputs are possible according to customers‘wishes.

Due to its hardware independency and the usage of modern mathematical models and highly efficient algorithms the software can be used not only for the material identification, but also for the identification and sorting of optional data concerning products, customers or patients. It means everywhere where data similarities can be found.


3R AMI software enables multitasking with several 3R AMI systems, and thus to perform measurements with several measuring heads or measuring devices simultaneously. The measuring devices can also be centrally controlled, configured and managed. Data obtained from all the devices are collected together and can be further processed. E.g. measurements can be performed on several production lines simultaneously and coordinated from one place.