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Special solutions

Special customized solutions in the area of data acquisition, data processing, process monitoring, process control and adaptive process control – 3R AQC System – occupy a firm position in our product range...

In addition to our standard products we offer also services in the sphere of measuring technology, control technology and control engineering. We are specialised in acquisition of parameters important for processes. We use the graphical programming language LabVIEW® when creating software for data acquisition, data processing and data evaluation as well as for control and regulation. The tasks can therefore be solved quickly and effectively.

Are commercially available sensors and their functions not good enough to measure the values and parameters of your products? We also develop new measuring concepts and sensors and put them into practice.

We are especially successful in solving complex tasks in the already mentioned spheres. 3R AQC System, designed for adaptive process control, testifies the high level of our solutions.

Our team consists of experienced programmers with long-time practice in the LabVIEW® programming language. Other programming tasks can therefore be solved quickly and effectively.