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The 3R AQC System is system designed for non-destructive measuring of material properties and their interconnection with the machine settings. It enables the compensation of variations in material properties, and thus ensures high product quality almost independently of the material. Advantages: fast adaptation to a particular technology or machine, massiveness...
The system is used to adapt the machine or process parameters to the current properties of the input material.

The changeover and run-in time is therefore shortened, and the waste production, including its costs, minimized. A material with fluctuating properties can be processed without the change of the final product quality.

The 3R AQC system is usually integrated directly in the machine. However, it can also be externally built in a production line, and it can communicate with the device.

The system is designed for both the machine producers and users. Among the major fields of application are machines or technologies for wire working, bar machining and sheet metal machining. Other types of application are also possible, e.g. with tube and profile forming machines.