The group of 3R AMI products is designed for an automatic identification, sorting, or an incoming/outgoing inspection of products or of their material properties. Advantages: fast, non-destructive, highly sensitive and reliable, unlimited number of sorting groups, easy and user-friendly operation...


The group of 3R TQC products is designed for a non-destructive measurement of strength, hardness or other material properties. The products can be used in situations when it is necessary to know the material properties; either due to the continuation of a production process, of the ability to ensure particular material properties to customers...


The 3R AQC System is system designed for non-destructive measuring of material properties and their interconnection with the machine settings. It enables the compensation of variations in material properties, and thus ensures high product quality almost independently of the material. Advantages: fast adaptation to a particular technology or machine, massiveness...

3R Multi Systeme

3R Multi systems transfer software user interface from 3R TQC and 3R AMI and thus enable their operation and the display of the results at optional distance.

3R ___T Software

3R ___T software packages will transform your data into information about your products, customers, suppliers or patients as well. The packets will help you to obtain valuable information from useless data. The data can be sorted; the dependence between them can be detected etc. The packets can be used independently of your branch or sphere of business.


Special customized solutions in the area of data acquisition, data processing, process monitoring, process control and adaptive process control – 3R AQC System – occupy a firm position in our product range...