3R Technics

Properties determination

3R TQC System for non-destructive material testing
3R TQC System is used for non-destructive material testing. This system enables 100 percent online control of material properties, e.g. Rm, Rp0.2, Ag, hardness etc.

Material recognition

3R AMI System for non-destructive material recognition
3R AMI system was designed for non-destructive material identification. This system enables automatic sorting of unlimited amount of material types as well as types of their heat treatment.

3R Technics offers their know-how and experience with the development and implementation into practice in the following areas: non-destructive material testing, material sorting, non-destructive material identification, non-destructive determination of material mechanical properties (Rm, Rp0.2, A50, strain hardening index n, r-value, hardness measurement, hardening depth, decarburisation), material structure testing, separation of batches, material mix-up, material recognition, material sorting, eddy-current methods, online checking, online correction, process checking, process optimization, 100 percent checking, adaptive process control, measurement and data recording, sensor development, data processing, data analysis, measurement concept, electromagnetic testing methods, magneto-inductive testing, software development;

Data processing

Data processing
3R___T software packets are designed for highly effective data processing and data analysis. Therefore intelligent models and highly efficient algorithms were implemented.

Special solutions

Special solutions
Special solutions based on the customers’ wishes are an integral part of our spectrum of products in the areas of measurement, data recording and processing, processes monitoring and control and adaptive regulation. This group is represented by the 3R AQC System.